Monday, February 22, 2010

No rhyming this is reason.

The economy doesn't appear too well after a kings ransom was paid to save it.

There is still hope though as they are printing more Fiat money like King Louie did to save France just before chaos broke out and a wheel barrel of money could barely buy a loaf a bread. Any one have the plans for a Guillotine handy?

If the math looks hazy , when Barry claims a little tax increase will save us, it is. It's not just hazy , it is fraudulent.

The 12 trill in debt is coerced against our productive value....yet we produce little. But instead of International bank seizures to stop the gutting of the economy by foreign interests Barry handed them the liquidity to run away rich, as we are left to suffer the consequences of a congressional set up into servitude to a debt neither you or I created.

Its not a conspiracy , thank goodness; it's a plan...that makes all the difference. With a conspiracy there is hope of its failure, with a plan you can bet they will succeed at reducing American worth to equal south American worth so the NORTH AMERICAN union can be completed in this presidency. Ever wonder why they don't regulate the borders??? The decision has already been made.

Learn Spanish, get better locks on your windows, and learn how to fend for yourself without economic worth, because with a debt 10 times the GDP the coup will have its slaves scratching their heads in the near future wondering how it all happened.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ayn Rand admired

I do like Ayn Rands logically analytic thinking.

However, I see that she is, as we all are victims of our own self belief. I won't argue her logic other than every single one of us can define ourselves by what we think we are and what our peers give back to us, but none of us can think beyond our capacity to believe.

Ayn Rand is always saying she believes in herself and therefore can support it with logic as can you and I. She is also saying that she is responsible for that, which to me defines anybodies morality, whether they think for themselves or allow others to do it for them

She constantly defines morality as self motivating and self responsibility which in essence comes to the same conclusion as Christians, only that Christians credit a deity and she credits logic (Which she borrows from a mind that she gets to use while living).

Perhaps like all humans she has talked herself into logical circle by proving their is a self, defined it as her own making, and in living it with intense scrutiny and logic beyond everyday reality she herself showed that divine intervention has made life possible because it can extrapolate self from nothing.

I totally agree with her thoughts that if you choose to be a slave you then become a slave as even the philosophy of Christians does not deny that men are slaves to their own will or another's and accepts one master over the other daily.

Somehow I never get how every deep thinker has to believe they are contrary to the divine and then spend a life time trying to prove authorship of their wisdom or conjecture as unique, but isn’t that the pitfall of self.

Simple put, we are a wheel rolling down a hill and can completely diagnose the wheel its shape, its motion and sometimes predict its destiny but we can not see or understand who built it or his final idea or inspiration as it happened before there was a thing. That is why people must explore faith and reason to satisfy the human curiosity to understand why the wheel?

Ayn hasn't the logic to explore that as she has negated faith as a blindness that ensnares and leaves the mind open to be trapped by some one else’s ploys. I don't think it is very far from wise yet it is very defensive...almost a shield against outside influences that she does not approve through her logic... .but still I can't conclude that life wasn't originated by a thought instead of by a simple twist of fate.

To me truths would have no value if the universe itself was not a truth and since we can think, reason and ponder, so must the universes author....nothing can't beget something is there fore something beget it all.........Ayn Rand says as much by denying a universal author by claiming you can't get something from nothing, or disprove a negative; when that is exactly the argument against being an atheist, in that the universe itself could not have come from nothing, therefore there is something.

Just what, is an ever day exploration that needs your commitment and that is where Ayn and I totally agree.

One has to wonder though, if you spent your entire life trying to unravel the logically origin of all things unknown would you have time to live.............

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Political Correctness

Political correctness is the slimy underbelly of a lizard called deception.

People must stop going to the alter of the lizard for advice on where to stand and start defending themselves with every tool at their disposal.

Those who worship the untruthful deception of “Correctness” by virtue of silence have opened the door for total domination of our culture and way of life by those who would bully and deceive.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Freedoms voice

On September 11 a blow was struck, a whimpering fanatical surge
That targets mostly innocence, in its quest for an opposition to purge
But standing tall in New York City, with its foundations deep in the earth
Is the hearts and souls of the New York people and what they feel They're worth

When terror struck, they didn’t fade, they didn’t cower away
Like bees in a hive, with survival scent, they blew the dust away
And marched right in, to destruction's jaws, to death they showed contempt
Courage preserved for all of us, in rescues final attempt

Men of steel were born that day, their deaths a defiant stand
Shown to all who witnessed it, not unique in all this land
New Yorkers were, reminding us, that our way is to preserve
And fight against all tyranny, as it is in liberty that we do serve

Freedom builds and shapes the metal, of the women and the men
Foundations laid by ancestral right, we’ve been reminded once again
That courage comes not just from victory, but to resist and take a stand
And preserve for future generations, freedom throughout the land

September 11 is not unique, in that we are often under attack
From tyranny abroad and tyranny within, we must always watch our back
As freedoms host, we stand exposed, a beacon of liberties choice
Threatening our nation, anneals our faith, with a freedom's resounding voice.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


What does the Marxist think of life?
That all should equally suffer strife
Equality of suffrage not freedoms escape
Marxism requires earned value to rape

Suppressing the Lord’s own gift of creation
They worship oppression upon a nation
If you have talent and wish to inspire
You get nothing in return but the Marxist’s ire

Try as you may to excel and invent
Marxist compliance is the only intent
Like a zealot emboldened with religious deceit
The Marxist requires you under his feet

Truly our god and religion require
That a man seeks elevation to get out of the mire
And in this way we may reach out our hand
To offer inspiration throughout the land

Morality is, a personal choice
Sung by the masses not government’s voice
Marxism chains a man to a cause
Not by God’s inspiration but a bureaucrat’s flaws

Marxism, Marxism the terrible curse
A terrible doctrine a religion that’s worse
Marxism, Marxism the despicable rave
A government’s choice that hopes to enslave

I like freedom and god’s clear voice
To lead my life and make my choice
So I say to you that seek the Marxist verve
There is to only one God that I will serve!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Socialism vs. Capitalism

I have a great fear that people are to beginning to be convinced socialism is some sort of cure for mankind’s moral ills.

Neither capitalism nor socialism create or secure morality.

Capitalism allows for a society to set its individuals in the midst of their own value setting, with a high risk of reality to that risk and value setting. Advice would be to protect the rights not the privileges of the masses and insure a flow of wealth to fall as well as emulate from effort and productivity of societies members.

Examples would be our checkered history. Social aims should be addressed from the morality of the people not the finances imposed by government will , which only seams to divert power to a different group that then seeks to dominate the economics of others; Again not necessarily a guarantee of safety or security for all.

Socialism has the same flaws permanently etched in its history but more so in its presumption that it cleanses corruption from political intent. It does no such thing but does force compliance to the will of the few at the expense of individual social aim and decisions to survive. Securing government approval or coercion of purpose seems to be its foundation not moral support of destinies aims.

I know a lot of well intended ideas and people think that socialism works on paper and that should give in preference over capitalism; however the truth is far more different.

Virtuous aims exist in all systems and a certain amount of trust that the government will impose as little debt and burden to individuals to insure choice and survival can’t be insured without civic responsibility and a desire to allow people their space to freely seek their own wealth, destiny and individual set purpose in life’s pursuits. No system can guarantee that and neither system will preserve that, if the people willfully give over their individual mass power to government control.
We are seeing Carl Marxist theory that if you burden capitalism with enough well intention un-affordable government mandated programs you can collapse it. To assume that socialism is a cure of this kind of destruction of worth and self destiny is a blessing is very far from the truth.

The questions to ask is are the flaws of capitalism more egregious than the stifling government control and destruction of individual risk and reward a better safer alternative?

Never assume that one system over another is the cure for human frailty and moral decay. One system is designed around human forced conformity and what is perceived as an acceptable sacrifice; the people’s choice of self destiny. The result is the ever decreasing rewards of servitude to some one elses will. The other is designed around a more risky proposition, which requires participation in an effort to succeed and not be left outside of the flow of success. Prosperity therefore is not its flaw but its reward.

In simplicity; capitalism demands participation and socialism demands conformity. One sacrifices the individual whilst the other heralds and rejoices in the individual. There are risks in both, moral cures in neither, awareness and struggle in both; it all depends on who you want to carry the load of the elite and how you want economic, or individual power gained and lost.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Salvations release

Salvation is our release from bondage, the chains of perpetual fault

Where men are trapped in constant guilt and bathed in daily sorrow

Freedom gained from absolution puts the guilt under assault

So men can rejoice in freedoms promise and live a better life tomorrow

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good poetry

Can any one be a poet?

Like good taste many people think they have it, but its subject to others scrutiny so that not every one will agree on the offered perceptions merit.

Can any one be a poet? Yes!

But not every one will be a good
Wait a week or two and who knows.
Many a famous work of art and poetry were no different, having developed an audience as tastes have changed over time, makes even the worst attempts at audience recognition a possibility for future examination.

Like any art form, the audiences appreciation of a work may be hidden from the public's acceptance until that perception changes to fit the artist's view.

This is nearly proof positive of the forgiveness of sin.

You can mess up today and be deemed a saint tomorrow depending on whose perception rings authorities voice on it in future days, and of course the reverse is also true, proving the universe has the last word on judgment. I'd like to think there is a constant that keeps good taste and art at a level that inspires a higher plain, but the truth seems to be simpler.

Good art, good taste and good poetry "connect" to an audience nothing more. That connection can not be explained in simple words so there are thousands of attempts to explain it over the centuries of time. That seems to be what we call schooling. Good schooling enlightens, where as bad schooling constricts and binds the spirit to conformity and sometimes divides us from our artistic connection toward life.

Art, like true living, is a free expression of our interpretations of what we believe and are willing to show the world.

You might as well say you are trying to find the universes ear. We all want to connect. We all want a voice and we sometimes find the same tone others are using to find that same thing. If its near the truth it resonates in time, if its false to that universe it fades. One thing is for sure, that if you don't speak up, then you won't be heard and that silence, although forever pure in its form, has no audience.

You may as well say we are all self taught authors of our own existence.....we all try to connect and become what we think explains ourselves. Good or bad...that is art...a connection freely expressed and sometimes it sounds like poetry...its a matter of taste.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The value of dirt

For the most part those that have worked in dirt know the price of dirt….....civilization would be the wiser to pay attention to that known value

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the quiet dawn above the heavens stretch, the light of day and shadows fetch
A floating scene of iridescent smoke, where mountains look like castles cloaked
Heaving waves of misty ocean, swelling now in constant motion
Let the morning glow declare, heaven on earth, is every where.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The beast has arisen

The beast has arisen,
Awakened at the dawn
Of a new century rising
His evil will spawn
A new generation of anger
Deceit and pain
As he tightens his coils
On souls to drain
Serpents tongue
Dank festering stare
Unjustified scrutiny
Increasing despair

Wrath is upon us
Disguised in speech
Sublime and beautiful
Sweet as a peach
Succulent language
Convincing blurbs
Eloquent treachery
Satisfying words
Who will hear us?
In our pain
Voices arrested
Suppression the gain

The serpent is reaching
For more to bind
Under slithering scales
All will find
Hope is extinguished
By such as this
A convincing orator
Smooth as a kiss
Takes more than his share
Through temptations lot
Stealing the future
More than you’ve got

Venomous snakes
And mongoose spit
Prove once again
A poisonous fit
From resisting a beast
Then drooling becomes
Victories treat
Sign me up
For the battle has come
Spasmodic dancers
Pound on the drum

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One should not begrudge a King

One should not begrudge a King

One should not begrudge a King,
his podium or his throne.
Without induced elevation,
a midget we’d see alone.

Once he lived an empty existence,
never fulfilling his life long dream,
Of ruling over better men
than he could ever be.

The rest of us, having our talents,
share in liberty and freedom for all
Without the need to inflate ourselves
Or to make others feel quite small

So next time elevated self purpose
Steps upon its pompous throne
Turn away in laughter
And be thankful it’s not your home

And you and I can wryly laugh
while kings are viewed as stinkers
spending their days concocting laws
With their head up in their sphincter

Your rewards

Your reward

How does evil come to power?
Does it give you something of value?
Does it promise you hope?

How is evil able to win the game?
Does it open your mind?
Does it help you cope?

How can anyone resist?
Does evil provide sustenance?
Does it coddle your ego?

How does evil stay in power
Does it make you rich?
Does it make your enemies go?

What is evil to you?
Your friend, your comfort your god?
Let me know

What then is goodness to you?
If evil fills your soul?
Will you exist playing evils role?

Abide by your truths
Upon death you will address
Receiving what you gave and expect no less

Will evil keep you?
Will evil forgive you?
What in the end will be you?

Abide by your truths
Upon death you will address
Receiving what you gave and expect no less

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prides Curse

Prides curse

Who stands to the side and claims he’s right,
when he hasn’t struggled with himself and joined the fight?
Who speaks of ways to win the day,
when he hasn’t a method to show the way?
Who gives this man the power to lead,
when to his own advice he doesn’t heed?
We have a word to describe these men;
They have come before and hurt us then
They speak of ways of victories gained,
with words and thoughts and mutual disdain
But in the end they bring the wrath,
of realities weapon a physical path
So when you hear the words of praise,
laid on a speakers as he wins the day
Be sure to rest your life and limb,
on the man who would fight for you not with him
For all the talk and words from the righteous,
its men of action, that are there to save us
So what’s the word we use to describe,
the man who speaks clever but from action he hides?
The word at times, can describe many of us,
It’s the way of pride and its being self-righteous
Untested by actions promised by a word,
those that practice it, should be judged as absurd
They speak most beautifully stroking each phrase,
telling of visions that they have dreamed for days
But in the end when all is done,
the methods they preach are the same from which they run
So mind your ears and decide who’s joking,
and trust in a man who has done what he has spoken

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Break through

When at first you choose to follow
You are not maybe aware
That the path that’s being forged for you
Is one you wouldn’t dare.

At the point of your awakening
That you have been led astray
Are you prepared to make a choice?
Or humbly fade away?

From down below the pavement deep
A little seed breaks through
As delicate as a small flower is
It still knows what to do

Rise up my friend and make the choice
The journey is yours to claim
Trust the path to enlightened growth
Set your eyes to the highest aim

No seed ever asked “how big should I be?”
Or “what am I to do?”
It’s all or nothing to become alive
Even if it’s a Mountain you must break on through

In Memorial

In memorial

Quietly we must tread
Upon the favored soil
Where fire did vanquish
And blood did boil

Lives have been spent
In the righteous defense
The virtuous were given
Their sacrifice was immense

Mortality has a value
That living heroes know
Bought measure by measure
With what the willing do sow

Dwarfed we are
At the heightened path
By others who gave
Defying enemy’s wrath

Softly we must tread
On consecrated soil
Where men have bled
Gaining victories spoil

Quietly we must tread
On the splendid field
Where freedom chose to resist
And not to yield

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One last victory

Blackened sky

Cold damp breeze

My heart sunk like a stone

A dragon's tongue

and yellow eyes

Before it I stood alone

Without a sword

Or a place to hide

My nakedness was revealed

what terrible fate

what ghastly end

my courage would be annealed

between me and it

a whiskers breadth

and the confidence in my God

That I alone

And my true heart

Would get the victory nod

Sickness is

Like cancerous fright

The serpent that swallows life

But conquer fear

And live in faith

In death is found no strife

Trust the Son

the warming breeze

I leave this life alone

I hold my tongue

Close my eyes

Yes… I’m going home

Thursday, May 7, 2009


How oft this has happened
I’m not really sure
But it seems quite obvious
Even to the likes of Al Gore
That our planet is living
And always is about change
Though his ilk seems to be thinking
A message they can’t explain

Global warming is evil
Mother Nature is bent
She has been over burdened
By America’s exhaust vent
I challenge that thesis
On the grounds it ain’t so
Cause nature is fickle
It’s a women don’t you know

If climatic conditions
Have proved time and agin
That mankind’s a victim
Of mother natures passing whim
But Al is a selling
A message of doom
As soothsayers before him
Profited on gloom

Enough from you peddlers
Of instant success
Predicting desperation
Like it’s a new party dress
Our world goes around
It seeks its own way
Nature is beyond you
No matter what you say

I am no heathen
I seek no disrespect
But I’ve noticed a cooling
Last time I checked
Those of you who follow
Political intervention
This religion of yours
Is a human invention

I like Mother Nature
respect her ancient ways
Tomorrow she’s sunny
But not today
Change is inevitable
On that I am sold
Prostitution and soothsaying
Are as professions
Almost as old

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tomorrows choice

Tomorrows choice is to live beyond the limitations of today’s folly, so that our memories that look back to see today can laugh out loud in grand cacophony at how silly we lived yesterday.

Without that freedom we are condemned to attach ourselves to the sorrow of what we did not become today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

carbon tax

Using taxation to perfect societal flaws

What makes this current trend of intellectual supremacy so unfit for human consumption, is the bases of taxation in itself is imperfect at every level, yet it is used to perfect society at the hands of the most imperfect of all, idealized politically motivated despots in need of an audience.

I mean that in the kindest of ways.

Every time some professors, preaches an advertisement campaign to justify servitude from one man to another by outside political forces, they are suggesting enslavement to another's will and it is usually their authorship, not the individuals, and disconnects the players involved as justification of imposed will by doctrine.

We are suffering under a barrage of pied pipers playing the government imposed dictum rule, and all these claimed intelligentsia are perpetrating collective gathering principles to sweep away their feared nemesis; Competition!

As in all things even the professorial flock is fearful of their transparent perch upon the elevated state podium of fabricated self worth. What better way to gain power and notoriety but to invest in promoting totalitarianism over the individual and to back it up with vague references to equality and fairness through moderated taxation.

Yes even the chains of slave hood make all who are chained equal under the whip. So it almost makes sense to a government stooge to request, yea even require, chains of more taxation at the hands of the uncle Tom playing the owners pet.